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A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events published on 11 Comments on A Series of Unfortunate Events

Writer_smallerA plague on both your houses

I am very sorry to say that there is no new comic this week. I was sick all week, dividing my time between sleeping, feeling exhausted, feeling sorry for myself, and sleeping. By Tuesday night I was well enough again to manage to get a script ready, but the very next morning, by the time I got out of bed I discovered Aileen sprawled on the couch, having caught the very plague I had just divested myself of.

We don’t always work week to week, and often have a buffer of comics ready to go, for times just like this. Unfortunately, other circumstances and time constraints meant that this was just not possible this week.

Being plague-ridden has meant we haven’t even played any games this week. Very seriously looking at the Near and Far Kickstarter, though, as I imagine a few others must be? It looks gorgeous. I’ve downloaded the rulebook, and if that looks good, I think we might take the plunge.

Hopefully see you all next week, and we will have a comic up and on time.

Also, I swear to God we have not just been playing Pokemon Go all week. We have honestly been ill.


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