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An expanse of choice / an expensive choice

An expanse of choice / an expensive choice published on 7 Comments on An expanse of choice / an expensive choice

Writer_smallerMostly true

This comic is mostly true. While we do own some expansions, we really don’t own many. In fact, expansions for Carcassonne and Pandemic is actually the full extent of it. And what you read above is certainly an issue we face when deciding what to buy.

Our gaming is done on a tight budget, which informs all of our purchasing decisions. And we really, really love getting new games. As we’ve mentioned before, gaming is in an acknowledged golden age at the moment. There has never been this breadth of choice in design, theme, mechanics, type, or genre of games. And there has never been this many quality releases to choose from. So turning down the opportunity to experience a brand new game so we can expand a game we already own; one we’ve already played? That’s a tough call. There are many more games we own that we’d love to get expansions for, but have you seen the stream of announcements from Gen Con? Do you know how many exciting new board games are released every month? (Enough to maintain a weekly webcomic on the subject, that’s how many.)

The other thing about expansions is, it’s hard not to see them in a cynical light. I do not doubt that many game designs are trimmed down so that elements can be set aside for expansions. Sure, this is sometimes done to maintain simplicity in the original box, but I am certain that this is often a business decision. Add to this how steep the price tag often is, and it is hard not to be a little sceptical about why publishers release additional boxes for their best-selling games.

Ultimately, however, it’s hard not to like having the option of expanding your favourite titles; of gaining more play from a favoured game, and being able to add new dimensions to the experience. Most titles in our collection can happily exist without more content, but if there is an adventure we particularly love, a challenge we never tire of, a world we never want to leave, of course we’re going to want to add to it. Or at least have the option of doing so.

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