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Board game injuries (Vol I)

Board game injuries (Vol I) published on 7 Comments on Board game injuries (Vol I)

Writer_smallerBoard game injuries (Vol I)

We won’t be running Board game injuries Vol. II straight away. What we would love is to hear from all of our readers as to what board gaming injuries you have faced yourselves, or live in fear of. If you are happy to contribute some ideas or stories, let us know! Comment, tweet, email, and we will story up your war stories for next year, when we run vol. II.

And speaking of next year… This was the first year of Tiny Wooden Pieces, and we consider it a great success, and for one reason: all of our readers. Thank you all for supporting the site and telling your friends about us. You… you have told your friends about us, haven’t you? No? Well, what are you waiting for? Go on and do it now. I’ll be right here.

All good? OK where were we? Ah yes, our first year. As the year draws to a close then, we will be presenting two weeks of outtakes. Comics that didn’t quite make it. Deleted scenes from Tiny Wooden Pieces Season One. After that we will be taking one week’s break for the holidays, to spend time with our families, and try again to convince them that Eclipse is the perfect after-dinner game, and that Netrunner is easy to pick up and learn. When we return, we will be full of holiday cheer, tales from the gaming table, turkey and ham sandwiches, and mulled wine.

See you all next week, and don’t forget to relate your board game-related injuries…

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