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Groundhog Gary

Groundhog Gary published on 1 Comment on Groundhog Gary

Writer_smallerBetter Dead than a Gnome?

Oh, Gary. With your winning ways. We miss you already. And not just because Zombie Gary is useless at X-Wing. Always knocking over ships and chewing on the cards. The fact of the matter is, you were important to us as a player in our Imperial Assault campaign, and now we will have to replace you, much like we have had to replace the gaming table that got covered in, um, zombie stains, shall we say.

We are both feeling better this week, but we are catching up on a lot of work, both comic-related, and real life related. So no gaming, and very little news. I did back the Near and Far Kickstarter. I’m a sucker for a campaign game, and this looks to be excellent. And wow, that artwork. It’s just gorgeous, and that makes such a difference.

Every now and then another miniatures game comes along and I think -oh, that looks really great. Or it will have a really interesting, new mechanic; something that shakes things up, or sounds fascinating. But I’m deep into the Galaxy Far, Far Away with X-Wing (also deep out of pocket) and I still have a small Bolt Action army waiting to be painted. So I always manage to resist the urge and let that small amount of common sense I still have left in my head prevail. Or, even better, I show it to a friend I know it will appeal to so they will buy it and I can play for free.

The point I’m getting at is, miniatures games are a no-go and I’ve been really good at avoiding temptation. I haven’t even thought twice about the Warhammer 40K Escalation campaign my friends are playing. I prudently avoided watching Shut Up & Sit Down’s video playthrough of Infinity. Day after day I resist the urge to look at the skirmish rules for Imperial Assault and buy a whole carpet of Wookies (it’s their collective noun).

But then Warlord Games went and announced pre-order of the first packs for their upcoming Dr Who miniatures game. I didn’t even know they had the license. I didn’t know there was a license to be had for a Dr Who miniatures game. I am sunk! Done in! Trapped! I have no choice. I don’t even know what type, kind, or scale of miniatures game this is. Will I control but a few Daleks, or a whole Parliament of the mindless fiends? On what form of battlefield will I exterminate Cybermen, Sontarans, Silurians, Zygons, Time Lords and pathetic humans? All I know is Warlord Games have checkmated me once again.

It’s Dr Who. What choice do I have?

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