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Happy families

Happy families published on 12 Comments on Happy families

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Guest Comics are officially here!

In case you missed it, myself and Aileen are taking a few weeks off over Christmas, and we didn’t want to leave the site go without any updates. So we called in some help from some talented friends, and got them to make comics for us for three weeks.

This week was written by Dave McNally. Dave’s a friend from the local comic creator meet-up, and this is the first time I’ve worked with him. He’s more of a war gamer than a board gamer, but I was delighted to hear that reading through our archives left him lighter in pocket to the tune of several new board games. I really liked his ideas, and he has written two of the three ‘guest’ comics we will be running.

Artwork is by Damien Duncan, a local who I have worked with on quite a few stories for Grayhaven Comics and Turncoat Press. Damien’s work is brilliant, and I always find his storytelling and innovation makes my writing look better than it is.

Finally, colouring is by Chris O’ Halloran, who is a co-founder of Turncoat Press. A great selection of impressive work can be found here.

Lettering is still by me, more of my work can be found in the archives and this sentence you are reading. I’ve encouraged all the creators to hang around the comments, so say hello if you like. I’m really excited about the next few weeks of comics, as not only do I get to put my feet up, but I think bringing some new voices to the site makes for a great change. I will still be here and posting in the blog and comments over the next few weeks. Please do tell us what you think of the comics. Both myself and Aileen are genuinely excited about the idea of getting more talent and different styles on the site, and we would love to hear how people feel about this (we need to know if we can take a holiday next year).

Finally, and I speak for both myself and Aileen when I say this:


Happy nearly-star-wars everyone! Who wants to go Star Wars Carol-ing?

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