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Inherent Risk

Inherent Risk published on 6 Comments on Inherent Risk

Writer_smallerInherent Risk

Back in the days when I played Games Workshop, Necromunda was always my favourite of their releases. Because of the campaign. Your army was but a small gang, who levelled up, took injuries, got more equipment, fought for leadership. From game to game a story was told. You were playing with characters, not just miniatures. If they were killed, it was a big deal. This was a named fighter, who had scars, skills, hates, experience and equipment uniquely his own. And a good gang fighter was expensive to replace. Unless you went with a juve, which was the Necromunda equivalent of a child soldier, I‘ve just realised.


Anyway, Risk: Legacy offers that experience again, and I really am very eager to get into it. We start our campaign tonight. I got very excited just reading the rules during the week. Tearing up cards, drawing on the board, opening up sealed envelopes and stickering whole new sections into the rulebook, and wiping sections off the map are all things that happen. The rules literally change over the course of the campaign. No-one knows how the rules change, or what happens when the envelopes get opened.

But I do worry. If the campaign crumbles for any reason, if even one player drops out, well…those envelopes have already been opened. Those rule changes are known, the surprises have been spoiled. I really don’t think there is any going back and starting again.

Risk: Legacy is one of the games I have been more excited to play than any other, and I only have one chance. If I could make the other players sign a blood oath I would. I did suggest it to one of them, but they laughed as though I was making a joke, so I acted like I was. I didn’t want to scare him off before we had begun.

Then again, maybe it would be a good gauge of commitment.

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