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It tricks us with riddles

It tricks us with riddles published on 18 Comments on It tricks us with riddles

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If you didn’t see last week, we are taking a break for a few weeks over Christmas, to rest, recharge, play board games, and come back to the comic with new ideas and renewed energy. Being able to make the comic every week is a privilege, and I’m looking forward to another year of it, but we do feel that we will be better for the time off.

But! Fear not! The site will still update, and there will still be new comics every week. Christmas is saved! I have rounded up some amazingly talented friends of ours and – using charm, bribes, lies, and on one occasion, a box of matches and a wet newspaper – convinced them to do a series of guest comics. The comics will be in keeping with our usual subject matter, but will allow for some new voices and styles. At this stage the artwork has started to come in, and I’m honestly very excited for the next three weeks of comics. I’m so excited, in fact, that I have already started to plan guest comics for next year. True story.

I will also still be updating with a blog post every week, and responding to comments, so stay with us and make our new creators feel welcome. You guys are a great audience, and I’d love for them to feel really involved with the site and community.

On a final point, without looking it up, I honestly am never sure about the answer to that dice question. And it’s one of those things that, five minutes after looking it up, I will have forgotten again.

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