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Legacy issues

Legacy issues published on 4 Comments on Legacy issues

Writer_smallerLegacy issues

We are actually quite close to finishing up our Risk Legacy campaign. I’m glad I’ve played it, and love the concept, but don’t mind that it’s coming to a close. 15 games is big commitment, especially considering we are lucky to play games more than once a week. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of the campaign, but at times it has felt samey and frustrating. I think most of how I’m feeling about the game is more of a reflection of the group I’ve played with, and what we have brought to the game as a whole. That is part of the joy of board gaming, though. It’s inextricable from the people you play with, and that’s where the greatest experiences will really come from. Risk Legacy is a game that allows its players to imprint themselves on it, literally marking the board and changing it, game by game. It’s a one-off experience. While you can re-visit the map and continue to play on the world you have created, I don’t see our group doing that. At least not personally. Once we have completed the campaign, I know I will be through with it. And that is not something I hold against the game; not in the least. Even if it was only 5 games, let alone 15, the unique nature of the game, the experience I have had playing it, would mean it was still worth the money. It’s a brilliant concept, and the fact that we have been dragging our heels trying to finish it, doesn’t in the least dampen my enthusiasm for Pandemic Legacy or Seafall Legacy. Pandemic remains a favourite of both myself and Aileen, and I’m practically counting the days until I can see what the Legacy version will bring to an already absorbing game. Knowing that decisions in one game will have real weight across a whole campaign, that they can affect a whole world, and that you will have to keep on dealing with the mistakes you make in previous games – this is an almost natural extension of what Pandemic already manages to accomplish.

Meanwhile it’s time to start getting prepped for an Imperial Assault campaign.

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