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Locked room legacy

Locked room legacy published on 19 Comments on Locked room legacy

Writer_smallerLocked room legacy

The idea for this comic was 100% generated while chatting to Drew and Erin on the Boardroom Podcast a couple of weeks ago. We had a lot of fun recording it, so maybe it’s fun to listen to? I would like to think so. I can’t remember exactly how the idea came up, and I have no desire to listen back to a conversation featuring myself to find out. I mean, I totally think you should listen to it; I just don’t like the idea of listening to myself.

Um, moving on then … Aileen is right regarding locked room mysteries: we have been there before. And of course, we’ve covered our long-running Risk Legacy campaign before as well, here and here.

At the end of next month myself and Aileen will be in the U.S for a week or so, for my little brother’s wedding. This means two things: firstly, there will be a couple of weeks of guest comics, as we are travelling literally the day after Aileen finishes college for the year, not leaving us any time to prepare some buffer comics. We already have the comics lined up, though, and they are looking great. Some of our past contributors will be returning, so you’ll get to see the continuing adventures of Dave and Roselyn, as they get deeper into the hobby.

The second thing this means is that we are looking for recommendations for board game stores and cafes in and around the Boston/Cambridge area. We will have a few days to ourselves after the wedding, and fully intend to spend them buying and playing board games. And also visiting everywhere we possibly can on the detailed food map of the area we will be making. And yes, I guess the time we will be spending making this food map, we technically could be using to make more comics, but priorities, people. C’mon. Food. On that note, food recommendations are also welcome for the area.

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