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Me Time

Me Time published on 7 Comments on Me Time

Me Time

We’ve got something very special lined up for next week’s comic. We will be starting a storyline that will probably run for 4-6 weeks, and it will be in a whole new format, too. We’re pretty excited about it, and really hope you will join us next week.

The book Aileen is reading is Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet’. The book’s subtitle is ‘The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’. You can probably tell by the title whether it’s a book you would enjoy or not. If you think it would be, you should check it out. She also has a TED talk.

Funnily enough, though, neither myself of Aileen are big on solo-gaming. The social aspect of gaming tends to be really important to us. Having said that,  Deep Space D6 is the only solo game we actually own, and honestly, it’s sitting unplayed on the Shelf of Shame. There are plenty of board game implementations I play on my phone, and that counts as solo gaming. Paperback, Onirim, Star Realms (single player). These are games that I have spent countless hours enjoying, so maybe I should look into solo games a bit more. Just because I would prefer to play games socially, doesn’t mean I always have to enjoy them socially. Then again, I already have several solitary hobbies I enjoy – reading, writing, painting miniatures. So maybe I’m good for ‘me’ time right now.

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