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Recycling published on 8 Comments on Recycling

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For the final comic in our holiday season guest creator extravaganza, we were able to lean on a whole wealth of extraordinary talent. Writing was once again provided by Dave McNally, previously seen here. Two of the guest comics were written by Dave, whose work provided not only a relief from writing, but an inspiration for my own, as well. (this means I’m going to steal your ideas, Dave) As I’m sure I mentioned before, Dave’s own tastes lean more towards wargaming, so we get to see things from that perspective in this strip, as he ponders the three great mysteries of wargaming: Where the heck do you put it all, how on earth do you find time to play it all, and how do you even begin to explain your obsession to your partner?

Art this week was by Hayley Mulcahy, who breathes brilliant life, humour and animation onto the page. Hayley’s work is well worth checking out, so I suggest you do so, at the following exciting locations, the list of which leads me to believe that Tiny Wooden Pieces needs to expand its own web presence:


Lettering was by local Lost Viking Charlie Aabo, whose skills in this field put my own to shame. When not lettering and looking dapper, Charlie is also a superlative cartoonist, whose own work can be seen here:

If you follow that link you will see why I intend to chase him up for further, and more extensive collaboration for next year’s holiday guest creator extravaganza (otherwise known as myself and Aileen get to take some time off for Christmas).

Lastly, colouring was by Joe Griffin, for the second week running, and if you fancy stalking this handsome chap, while simultaneously checking out his artwork, you can do so here:

See all of you fine and lovely people next week, for maybe a special Christmas-y post. But only if you are all really lovely and tell us what the best game you played this year was. Not the newest, it doesn’t even have to have been released this year, or last. Simply, what was the most fun you had playing a game. In one sitting, over the whole year, up to you. We would just love to hear about some fun games you all played.

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