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Star Realms – Déjà vu

Star Realms – Déjà vu published on 11 Comments on Star Realms – Déjà vu

Writer_smallerDéjà vu

In case it is in some way ambiguous: this comic is in no way intended as a slight on Star Realms. The game is a superb price point, brilliantly packaged, and a really great game. I have a lot of respect for the decisions implicit in the packaging and pricing of this game. We own boxes with similar levels of components that take up 5-10 times the amount of space on my shelf that Star Realms does. It is genuinely portable, and that fact married with its 20-35 minute playing time means it is a game that is going to be well travelled, and often taught, in 2015.

In fact, I have not yet invested in any of the above mentioned peripherals, but honestly, it is not for want of trying. I ended up having to source Star Realms from an online store in America, and have it shipped over with family by way of a Christmas present (thanks Ronan!). So the acquisition of expansions and boxes and sleeves specific to the game has yet eluded me, but eagerly await their availability. Particularly the expansions, which seem to add just enough new elements to keep the game interesting, but without overburdening it with too many moving pieces, or an increased play time.

Just a brief blog post this week, still easing into the new year, but I want to thank everyone for joining us again in 2015, for our first full year of comics. We hope you stick with us, and we would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Happy New Year!

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