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Swords & Spreadsheets published on 22 Comments on Swords & Spreadsheets

Writer_smallerFantasy Draft

Our fantasy football draft was last Sunday, and it’s the one time of year I both look and feel more confused than when we played Alchemists. As one whose preferred craft is words, numbers are my natural weakness and enemy: doubly so when presented in spreadsheets, or any variant of stats or equation. Fantasy Football has all of the above. As a drafter of teams and a player of games, I prefer to rely on instinct, supposition, guesswork, witchcraft, dumb luck, and planning just one step ahead. Any more than one step and I tend to stumble.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that although I do enjoy fantasy football, I am not generally very good at it. It is always great to have that extra layer of engagement with the football season though, and to have a game to share amongst friends (supposing those friendships manage to last the whole season, that is). Watching a game of football while messaging with friends about scores and games makes the experience more social. This is particularly valuable to us, as there isn’t anyone local to watch the games with. American Football games keep very unsociable hours here in Ireland, and don’t have the following and exposure that they do in their native time-zones, so watching a game with a group of friends is a more difficult than you’d think. Particularly as you need an extraordinarily expensive sports television package on top of everything else.

In far, far greater news, this week to celebrate Aileen’s finishing college, we finally purchased Pandemic Legacy. It will be a few weeks before we get to begin our campaign, but wow are we excited about this one. Pandemic was a key game in getting us into proper hobby games, and it remains a favourite of ours, even years later. It’s a big one for us, and I can’t wait to experience what everyone has been talking about. And then move straight onto Seafall Legacy, of course.

Has anyone reading this played Pandemic Legacy yet? Did it live up to your expectations? (No spoilers please!)




Gridiron is a mighty confusing name for football. I just finished my dissertation, so now I’m off to sleep for a week. Zzz…

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