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The cycle of success

The cycle of success published on 11 Comments on The cycle of success

Writer_smallerThe cycle of success

Thanks for bearing with us while we went a little Star Wars crazy these past few weeks. While we can’t promise we won’t ever go back to that most distant of galaxies, I can assure you of at least a few weeks of more grounded comics. We will be going back to the gaming board, so to speak.

The past few weeks have been very busy for myself and Aileen, and with things calming down a bit now, we will be getting back to the gaming table in a more literal sense as well. A handful of games of Cosmic Encounter, and some Space Hulk is all the gaming that I have managed in the past month, and as my time begins to free up, I’m finding myself thinking more and more about what we will get to play. Finishing our Risk: Legacy campaign and getting Imperial Assault out of the box is pretty high on that list, but there is a pile of games awaiting our attention on the floor behind me as I type. Literally on the floor. Getting some new shelving units to accommodate our growing collection is actually first on the to-do list, and navigating the tricky corridors, traps, lures and myriad dangers of the dungeons of IKEA is the first game we will be playing. Kitchen gadgets we will never use and more flat packs than our car can safely hold will be our treasure, and untold hours of struggle with diagrams, screws and drills our legacy. Perhaps it will be longer than I thought before we return to the gaming table. If I don’t accidentally affix said table to a wardrobe or TV stand, that is.

Close to the top of this pile of games is Alchemists, which we have only played once. Although I struggled with the deduction elements, I loved our playthrough and want to try it again. If you’ve been following the comic, you will have gathered we play more sci-fi than fantasy themed games. Alchemists may in fact be the closest to a fantasy-setting of any game we own. I think it says a lot that after a whole year our comic has yet to feature a single wizard, which is a borderline-criminal under-representation of one of gaming’s greatest ambassadors. I’m surprised we haven’t had an angry letter from the guild, really: as I think we might be sailing close to discrimination with regards to our bearded brethren (wizards, not hipsters).

I’ll have to wrap up this week’s blog post before I even pretend to get to any discernible point. The alluded-to busy period hasn’t quite wrapped up yet, and I have to go measure some walls, games, shelves and floors.

See you in seven!

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