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The great game

The great game published on 21 Comments on The great game

Writer_smallerWelcome return

And we’re back!

Firstly, I want to extend a really heartfelt thanks to the brilliant creators that kept Tiny Wooden Pieces going while we were away. Dave, Hayley & Joe did an exceptional job. Without such talented friends to fill in for us, we would really be stuck. I think the work they are doing is getting better each time, to the point where I’m really excited to see the ideas and comics come in from them.

While we were in Boston we got to spend an evening in Knight Moves Board Game Cafe in Brookline. We had extended an open invite for anyone to come along and say hi, and we met some really great people. So I want to thank Kevin, Ivy, Rose and Jennifer for coming out and playing some games with us. We had a blast, and you were all really great fun to game with. Which is probably the best thing we can possibly say about a person.  And one final thanks goes to Devon, the owner of Knight Moves. He’s running a fantastic establishment, and we hope to have the opportunity to visit again some time.

So obviously on the return trip home our bags were approximately twice as heavy, as they were stuffed full of board games. I had a copy of Pandemic: The Cure, and inside the box was also a copy of ‘And Then We Held Hands’, and an expansion for Cosmic Encounter. Stuffed inside the box for the Cosmic Encounter expansion was a copy of ‘Saboteur’. And many, many more games. Thanks to a wonderful combination of returning to work and jetlag, we haven’t even gotten to punch out our new treasures yet (hence the return to a familiar game this week). But we’ve cleared our weekend to play as many as we can, starting with the gorgeous looking ‘Above and Below’ – very excited to get stuck into that.

As for the comic: this has become a regular, and somewhat worrying trend in our games of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. Once we arrive at the end, inevitably after long hours of sleuthing, we start well with the questions, only to find that the second set of questions (dealing with trickier details and often entirely separate subplots) flummoxes us. They ask question about people and places we had only seen mentioned in newspapers, and never encountered or investigated. And this inexorably leads to ‘well, we could go back and just have another look around. We did mean to investigate that lead, we just forget…’ I have mixed feelings about this trend. A part of me thinks that once we declare we are done, we are bound to the decision and cannot go back. But another part recognises that we don’t play Sherlock competitively, or even ‘to win’. We play it as a co-op group (entirely the best way to play, by the way) and we always have so much damned fun doing it, that why shouldn’t we take the opportunity to indulge ourselves further?

Does anyone else have this dilemma with Sherlock Holmes? Also, does anyone actually play it competitive as opposed to co-op?

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