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Ultimate One Night Santa

Ultimate One Night Santa published on 25 Comments on Ultimate One Night Santa

Writer_smallerIt’s Christmas Time; There’s No Need To Be Afraid

Obviously, this game idea is a no-brainer, so Bezier Games, if you are reading this, you can email us to discuss development and terms.

You’re welcome.

Happy Holidays to all our readers, whatever you celebrate, or don’t – be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, the inexorable encroachment of the Elder gods into our world through chanting and sacrifice, or just plain, good ol’ fashioned, getting presents from other people. The important thing is you celebrate with board games and good biscuits. Good ones now, mind you. That nice tin you’ve been saving.

We have one guest comic next week, featuring the return of now-frequent contributor Dave McNally, as he chronicles his continuing descent into the world of board games, along with his wife Roselyn. Expect chaos! But in a fun way, obviously. Before next week’s comic, you can catch up on their earlier exploits here, here, and here. Read together, it all forms a loose story arc that continues next week.

See you all then!

Oh, one more thing – obligatory end of year question – post your favourite game of the year in the comments. We would love to hear from as many people as possible!

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