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What are these Tiny Wooden Pieces?

Tiny Wooden Pieces started as a webcomic about board games and other pop culture fun. But mostly board games. The comic has long since finished, but you can still read them all on this site. These days, we put out a fun little zine every month, which you can buy through THIS VERY SITE! How exciting is that?

Writer_smallerColin O’Mahoney: I do the words for Tiny Wooden Pieces. In real life, I am a freelance comic book editor, and do workshops on comic-making and creative writing.

Artist_smallerAileen Cudmore: I draw, ink and colour Tiny Wooden Pieces. I first started scribbling my own little comics as a child (mostly about figure skaters), but never showed them to anybody. Returning now to drawing after years away in the world of science, I intend to bravely share these comics with as many people as possible. And hopefully get a little bit better with each one.

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